Effect Pigment
Metallic Pigment

Metallic, Liquid Metal, Chrome, even Mirror effect to give oustanding finish

Pearlescent Pigment

Broad range from Natural Mica, Synthetic Mica, and Glass Flake

Gold Pigment

Based on Bronze Pigment Powder with different particle size and color tone

Organic Pigment

Indanthrone Blue (PB 60) gives bold blue color and good transparency


High Performance Red Organic Pigment with various characteristic on opacity, shade and durability


Clean Bright Yellow to High Transparent Yellow to meet your need


Violet Pigment with different tone


Daring Orange to complete your color range

Inorganic Pigment
Moly Orange

Molybdate Orange for clean, bright and strong hiding power orange

Chrome Yellow

Economical strong Chrome Yellow or high performance eye catching Bismuth Vanadate Yellow

Silica Encapsulated

Encapsulated Chrome Yellow and Molybdate Orange for better heat, acid and alkali resistance.

Fillers / Extenders
Barium Sulphate

Micronised Synthetic BaSO4 for color enhancement or pigment reduction

Zinc Sulfide

White pigment as cost effective alternative for Titanium Dioxide


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