Conductivity Agent / Anti Static


Conductivity Agent / Anti-Static Agent

Conductivity agent helps to increase the conductivity of coating system. It is necessary in electrostatic spray paints. Anti-static agent helps to decrease the static electricity that used for dry paint film and plastic. You can get both conductivity agent and anti-static agent in AFCONA 6782 or AFCONA 6782 E.


Nano Sized Silica

Nanosil is nano sized silica, specially designed to enhance the properties of coating surface. It will significantly improve scratch and abrasion resistance.

UV Stabilizers Agent

The primary function of UV stabilizers agent is to protect coating from the long term degradation effect from UV and also prevents the color change of clear coat induced by UV degradation. UV stabilizers agent that we recommended is UV stabilizers agent from Cytec with brand CYABSORB.