Odour Masking Agent


Odour Masking Agent

In solvent base paint, most smell is coming from solvent or from resin, and some bad odour can cause irritation to the applicator. Today, there are some other products called odour masking agent that are more efficient and give less disadvantages. Odour masking agent is low molecular weight chemical compound that do not contain any N atom and aromatic ring.


Anti-Gelling Agent

Gelling is the condition when viscosity of coat increase and looks like gel. To prevent this problem of gelling, formulator can added anti-gelling agent AFCONA 6700 or AFCONA 6701.

Types of Settling

In general there are 2 types of settling:

  • Hard Settling : Hard settling are the phenomena that all paint formulators, trying to avoid.
  • Soft Settling : Soft settling is mainly related to Hydrogen Bonding.