Pearlescent Pigment


Types of Pearlescent Pigment

There are few categories of pearlescent pigment to choose from. Below is the list:

  • Natural Mica
  • Sinthetic Mica
  • Glass Flake


Types of Aluminium Flake

Metallic effect coating can be achieved using aluminium pigment. In order to choose the right aluminium pigment, it is important to know the types available in the market.

Types of aluminium pigment we provide are:

  • Cornflake
  • Silver Dollar
  • Vacuum Metalized Pigment
Types of Gold Pigment

Solar Bronze has many grades of products with wide range of particle size from 37 microns to below 5 microns. Hence, this willcover broad range of application of coatings and inks.

For each grade also have different shade:

Pale, Rich, Rich Pale, Copper, and Oxidised grade (Lemon Orange, Light Orange and Light lemon).