Wetting & Dispersing Agent


How to Choose a Good Dispersant?

To choose a good and suitable dispersant, there are 3 criteria of dispersant:

  • Compatibility : the dispersant must compatible with the resin
  • Low surface tension : surface tension of the dispersant less than surface tension of pigment
  • Anchoring group : dispersant must have anchoring group to stick with pigment

Definition and Type of Wetting Dispersant Agent

Wetting dispersing agent has function to replace air and wetting the solid particle surface, disperse the agglomerate particles to it primary particle size, and then stabilized the solid particle in coating. A good dispersing is needed to prevent flocculated pigment.


Sinergic Agent

Synergic agent has advantage to stabilize pigment, decrease viscosity, and higher pigment efficiency. AFCONA 6745 and AFCONA 6755 are recommended to be used as synergic agent for phythalocyanine pigment, carbon black, and violet pigment for solvent-based system.