Indoreksa Booth in APCS 2012

September 2012 was our first ever exhibition in Asia Pacific Coating Show in Jakarta, Indonesia.
It is a collaboration project between Indoreksa and our suppliers to fit the 6 x 8 m space with “not so ordinary” design. 
Below is “Indoreksa and Suppliers” booth:

In order to show many raw materials presented by Indoreksa, hundreds of panels in different forms and shapes were displayed.

From specially designed acrylics, piping structure, boxes, rotating balls, helmets, rims, until our main highlights, 3 mini motorcycles and 1 ‘floating’ ball were there.

Each and every item were painted with different colors, combination of:
•    Effect Pigment (Silberline Metallic + CQV Pearl + Touch Chem Orientation Agent)
•    Colors (DCC Organics and Inorganics Pigments + Afcona Dispersing Agent)
•    Afcona defoamers, Levelling and Slip Agent

Some panels / unit to show other properties / function, were also shown:

  • Hardness improvement using Nanosil
  • CPS Color latest dispensing machine, First1
  • Jeffamine Polyether Amine from Huntsman to increase flexibility and reduce cost in Epoxy flooring
  • Afcona Resin Free Pigment Concentrate, i.e. making color paste without containing any resin (resin free), so it is compatible with different resi: 

1. Mini Motorcycles
As previously mentioned, the 3 mini motorcycles are the main highlight in the booth.


Daring Blue” Motorcycle
The blue comes from Indanthrone Blue (Pigment Blue 60) from Dominion Color, DCC A3RN, finely dispersed using one of our best dispersant, Afcona 4071. The metallic look is given by Silberline, SSPJ 8612 with particle size is 21micron (µm). Then to give the final touch, CQV pearlescent pigment AX-901K (6-41µm), were added to the substrate.

“Lustrous Yellow” Motorcycle
It is Bismuth Vanadate Yellow, DCC 3RLM from Dominion Color. Nicely dispersed with Afcona AF 4201.

“Red and White” Motorcycle

The red using DCC 2870 - PR 170, again dispersed using AF 4071.
The white is using TiO2 dispersed with AF 4071. Then on top is pearlescent AX-901K (6-41µm) from CQV to give inviting sparkle and different flip flop effect at different angle.

2. Floating Ball

Yes!! It really float!!

For it’s under coat, we used SS Extreme 20 and Touch Otal 2009, while it’s top coat using AX – 761E (15-105µm) and AX – 901K (6-41µm).

The black color comes from RFPC Black, using also dispersant AF 4071.


3. Automotive Rim

(above) M-761S (6-45µm) – Base coat in Black

(under) Silverstar 010 AP (10µm) 


4. Afcona Resin Free Pigment Concentrate (RFPC)

As fore-mentioned, RFPC is color paste without containing any resin (resin free), so it is compatible with different resin system (=universal).

Four RFPC paste were made: red, blue, black and violet, then mix into different resin system (NC, TPA, PU Alkyd, and PU Acrylic).
Then we spray on metallic pipe to see the transparency to prove the compatibility. So one set of panel consist of four metal pipes representing four different resin sytem. 
Below panels are the result, showing the good transparency of the metallic coat underneath them.
5. Chrome Effect, Mirror effect  and Liquid Metal Effect
6. Other Color Panels
  • Helmet
  • Acrylic Panels
  • Piping Structure
     It was indeed a very good show, and very good response.
     It was all went well thanks to the support given by all the contributing suppliers and the great team we have in our company.