Orientation Agent

Orientation agent is needed on metallic coating, because it is difficult to ensure metallic pigments are eventually distributed in dry thin film. If the metallic pigment is not totally distributed in good orientation, it can cause Mottling Appearance (bright and dark spot appearance).

In the market nowadays, formulators usually have three options to get metallic orientation agent, which are surface tension modified, pigment wetting agents or anti-settling agents. The truth is using one of these three choices is not enough to achieve the desire orientation, and it will also provide side effect.

Touch OTAL 2000 series is recommended as a good orientation agent that base compound is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Touch OTAL 2000 series can distributed the metallic pigments with these 3 ways below:

1. Affinity group to anchor on metallic pigment

Picture Courtesy of Touch Chem

2. A network linkage by hydrogen bonding

Picture Courtesy of Touch Chem


3. Low solid for collapsing effect

Picture Courtesy of Touch Chem


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