Slip Agent

Most resin in coating industry doesn’t contribute to a slippery surface after they cured or dried.

In order to increase the slip performance, most formulator need to add in some additives.

Easily slip properties can be determined by finger.

The main component in slip agents is silicone which is polysiloxane. Silicone oriented itself on the surface of coating so it can give slip effect to coating.

Picture Courtesy of AFCONA

However, slip performance of silicone reduce over time, it can be easily washed away by detergent as well as from touching with finger. It is because polysiloxane is a surfactant that easily migrates to the surface that gets contact with them.

Polysiloxane was modified to two types, short chain and long chain polysiloxane.

The long chain of polysiloxane do not gives adhesion intercoat problem and can be recoatable while the short chain polysiloxane gives adhesion intercoat problem and can’t be recoatable.

Polysiloxane can also maintain the crater problem because of ash and other particle that contaminate coating.

AFCONA have both type of this polysiloxane for water base system and solvent base system.

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