Look and Feel
Leveling Agent

Surface enhancement on levelling for better feeling and look

Slip Agent

Additional Slip performance will give smooth and quality feeling on the paint film

Wetting & Dispersing Agent

Boost up the Expression of Colors with the right Dispersing Agent

Sinergic Agent

Help to boost dispersing agent further to bring out some colors better: Black, Phtalocyanine, and Violet 


Silicone and Non Silicone Defoamers for deareation and bubble breaking function

Orientation Agent

Improve metallic and pearlescent based paint to be whiter / chromier

Optical Brightening Agent

Brighten Colors to give attractive and eye catching look

UV Stabilizers

Protect both Substrate and Paint Film from UV light

Micro / Nano Sized Silica

To increase scratch resistance, hardness, and even water rrepellency

Conductivity Agent / Anti Static

Increases the conductivity of coating systems, especially electrostatic spray paints

Anti Gelling

Delays/prevents thickening which can occur as a result of oxidation or condensation of the binder

Anti Settling

Preventing Pigments to settle at the bottom of the can

Anti Skinning

Preventing formation of skin during storage of air dry alkyd

Odour Masking Agent

Replace paint odour smell with comforting fruity smell


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