Barium Sulphate


Types of Barium Sulphate

Indoreksa represent Barium Sulphate products from Sachtleben, Germany.

Barium Sulphate are generally being used as filler / extender to reduce the use of pigment in order to reduce cost of paint.

There are 2 types of Barium Sulphate we can offer :

  • Natural Barium Sulphate
  • Synthetic Barium Sulphate


Zinc Sulfide - TiO2 Replacement

Zinc Sulfde (ZnS) is considered as white pigment. Can it replace TiO2?
The answer is yes, but only in certain application or use.
The advantages of Zinc Sulfide compared to TiO2 is cheaper in price and less abrasive. But it gives lower hiding than TiO2

Moly Orange - Inorganic Orange

The inorganic orange mentioned is actually Molybdate. Dominion Color (DCC), Canada, is one of the biggest producer of Molybdate Orange (PR104) in the world. It can be categorised into 2 shades: Blue and Yellow shade. Some of the grades are actually "stir in" grade, i.e. easily dispersed even just with high speed mixing.