Leveling Agent


Leveling Agent

Most coating systems need good leveling and flow in order to have a nice appearance. Controlling the leveling and flow of a coating is all about controlling the surface tension of the system. A good leveling agent has low surface tension and low surface tension gradient.


Slip Agent

Most resin in coating industry doesn’t contribute to a slippery surface after they cured or dried. In order to increase the slip performance, most formulator need to add in some additives. Easily slip properties can be determined by finger.

How to Choose a Good Dispersant?

To choose a good and suitable dispersant, there are 3 criteria of dispersant:

  • Compatibility : the dispersant must compatible with the resin
  • Low surface tension : surface tension of the dispersant less than surface tension of pigment
  • Anchoring group : dispersant must have anchoring group to stick with pigment