Slip Agent


Slip Agent

Most resin in coating industry doesn’t contribute to a slippery surface after they cured or dried. In order to increase the slip performance, most formulator need to add in some additives. Easily slip properties can be determined by finger.

Types of Slip

Generally, slip can be divided into 2 types:

  • Dry type : Dry type gives a very soft feeling to hand and has fewer tendencies to leave any visible finger print on the panel.
  • Oily type : Oily type generally gives much higher slip at lower dosage but easily leaving a finger mark after been touched.


Definition and Type of Wetting Dispersant Agent

Wetting dispersing agent has function to replace air and wetting the solid particle surface, disperse the agglomerate particles to it primary particle size, and then stabilized the solid particle in coating. A good dispersing is needed to prevent flocculated pigment.