Sinergic Agent


Sinergic Agent

Synergic agent has advantage to stabilize pigment, decrease viscosity, and higher pigment efficiency. AFCONA 6745 and AFCONA 6755 are recommended to be used as synergic agent for phythalocyanine pigment, carbon black, and violet pigment for solvent-based system.


Orientation Agent

Orientation agent is needed on metallic coating, because it is difficult to ensure metallic pigments are eventually distributed in dry thin film. Touch OTAL 2000 series is recommended as a good orientation agent that base compound is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

Definition of Foam and Defoamer

Foam can be defined as dispersing of gas in liquid. It can be generated during production of coating (grinding, mixing and filling), during application (brushing, rolling and low pressure spraying), or when application of coat in porous substrate like wood surface. To solve this problem, the producer of coating can use defoamers as an additive.