Anti Skinning


Anti-Skinning Agent

Anti-skinning agent used to prevent contact of oxygen with air dry alkyd resin to prevent the formulation of skin during storage. Type of anti-skinning that we serve is Touch Mask 9100 for solvent based coating.


Types of Anti-Settling Agent

Anti settling agent can be categorized as Organic Clay, Conventional Polyamide, Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate, Fume Silica, and Calcium Sulfonate Derivatives. Each type of anti-settling agent have their own limitation. We recomend Touch ANSET 3000 series, as Anti-Settling agent, because compare to all the types above, Touch ANSET 3000 series have more advantages.

Odour Masking Agent

In solvent base paint, most smell is coming from solvent or from resin, and some bad odour can cause irritation to the applicator. Today, there are some other products called odour masking agent that are more efficient and give less disadvantages. Odour masking agent is low molecular weight chemical compound that do not contain any N atom and aromatic ring.