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Micro/Nano Sized Silica

Nanosil is nano sized silica, specially designed to enhance the properties of coating surface. It will significantly improve scratch and abrasion resistance. In addition, Nanosil also offers many other special properties as below:
  • Having excellent transparency without reducing gloss.

  • Having self-cleaning hydrophobic properties which help to clean and maintain important coating surface and to accelerate drying leaving the surface with minimal spotting.

  • Having excellent properties of x-aerogel, reduce thermal expansion and internal stress, and thus increases thermal and impact resistance.
  • Improving adhesion to a large number of inorganic substrate and increasing rust protection.
  • Improving stain and scratch resistant effect.
  • Having high surface coverage rate which result high anti UV and stain resistance effects.
  • Having anti-fungi and anti-algae properties.
  • Having excellent weather resistance.
  • Having ability to self-healing of minute cracks and scratches.
  • There are 2 grade of Nanosil, Nanosil 4040 and Nanosil 8030. The particle's size of both is below 10nm. The difference of that type is the application in system. Nanosil 4040 used in water based system while Nanosil 8030 used in solvent based system. This nano sized silica can increase the hardness until 7-9H pencil hardness depending in the curing degree of the coating.

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