Resin Free Pigment Concentrate

Resin free pigment concentrate (RFPC) for industrial solvent based paint is no longer just a concept. AFCONA introduced their solvent based RFPC system where paint manufacturer can produce color paste WITHOUT using any resin (resin free). RFPC paste contains only pigment, solvent, and AFCONA additive. Therefore every color paste made is compatible in many different resin systems.

Hence, paint manufacturer can now only produce 1 black color paste and it can be mixed with many kind of resin system like Acrylic, NC, PU, Epoxy, Polyester and many other solvent based resin. Same goes with other colors. Thus, 1 color with 1 time grinding and stored in 1 tank can be used in many systems made possible by using the AFCONA solvent based RFPC concept.

This also helps for slow moving pigment, like violet, magenta, pink or organic yellow, that usually have problem in gelling or paste being expired. By using RFPC, slow moving pigments can be shared by all resin systems where reduce the slowing move problem and in additional, the RFPC pastes have a self-life of minimum 5 years if store correctly.
The advantages of this new system are:
1. Energy and time saving: preparation and grinding per type of pigment for any resins can be done once.
2. Easy logistic: logistic for different resin systems on the same pigment used can be reduced become one.
3. Increase flexibility: one pigment paste for all type of resin systems.
4. Saving of raw materials as slow moving pastes used up faster.
5. Long self-life of RFPC pigment pastes.
6. Wide compatible and can be applied to all pigments type.

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